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About us

Hittech Bihca BV in Winterswijk is part of the Hittech Group. Besides branches in The Hague, Emmen, Delfzijl, Nunspeet, Deurne and Uitgeest, there is also a branch in Germany and Malaysia. The organisation has a flat structure with short lines and high commitment. Around 110 people work in Winterswijk.

About us

Since Hittech Group was founded in 2004, we have continuously sharpened our processes, continuously modernised and automated our production technologies, and continuously deepened our knowledge. Metalworking is at the heart of Hittech Group, but in the meantime we have developed into a high-tech company with strong development power, great technology and material knowledge and highly developed project management. Continuous improvement is our strength. Through organic growth and targeted acquisitions, we have grown into an established company with distinctive know-how, an annual turnover of more than 100 million euro, with 9 companies based in Europe and Asia and around 650 passionate specialists. And our growth ambition is great. In terms of size and expertise, we want to be of ever greater value to our customers: professional OEMs in high-quality sectors.

Our philosophy

Hittech Group consists of 9 independent, but non-independent companies driven by a relatively small holding company. The group functions as a network organisation that combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, as a group we have the financial strength, organisational ability and wide range of competences of a large supplier. On the other hand, we keep the size of the operating companies limited to a maximum of 120 employees, to ensure flexibility, customer focus and entrepreneurship where the work is done. To build knowledge, we use specific training programmes. We secure the sharing of knowledge in the Hittech University.

Masters in Improvement

Hittech Group is a developer and supplier of systems, modules, components and materials for our customers’ technology applications: OEMs in high-value sectors. We are keen to support these customers in managing the product life cycle. We are constantly improving our organisation and processes. With our value engineering, we generate proposals for product roadmaps on our own initiative and all the projects we carry out for our customers are tightly managed by our centrally controlled project management. We work intensively with our customers, the basis of which is trust, transparency and performance in all QLTC areas.


Hittech Group is system supplier in four high-tech markets that are continuously growing and in which we want to work for successful OEM companies. To keep doing this, we have an ambitious growth strategy. Not only in turnover, but also in geographical presence and value-added competences. We are originally a European company, but Hittech has been active in Asia for more than 10 years. To meet our customers’ demand, we are committed to further expanding our global operations. At all Hittech companies, we consciously choose a limited number of core competences in which we want to be the best. In addition, we continuously look for opportunities to add companies with complementary competences to the group.

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